Workshop 6: The researcher/librarian nexus: The challenges of research data management in institutional repositories


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Time: Half day: 13:30 - 17:00
Presenters: This workshop will be lead by a team of University Repository Managers, APSR and researchers. This team will include: Eve Young (Melbourne), Belinda Weaver (UQ), Paula Callan (QUT), Joanna Richardson (Griffith U), Sten Christensen (USyd), Anna Shadboldt (Melbourne), Lyle Winton, (RUBRIC), Margaret Henty (APSR), Andrew Treloar (Monash), and David Bannon (VPAC).
Who should attend:  The Workshop is targeted at repository managers, independent of software platform, and researchers who are looking to put their research data in repositories. The Workshop will discuss key issues pertaining to activity in the two repository domains, scholarly works and research data, and will enable both groups to share information about repository experiences, local solutions, and discuss issues of common concern.

The workshop will examine the following questions.

  1. Main issues:
    • Institutional Repositories are typically representative of scholarly outputs, not supporting all scholarly processes. Researchers have expectations for academic papers only in Institutional Repositories (IR), and the feeling is that IR do not meet the needs of managing research data.
    • Systems level – tools to support IR. There is a trend to have publishing heritage, not data management heritage – do we really need another IR just to study data - How do we resolve integration between the two issues?

  2. Proposed Solutions:
    • Option 1 Data is just another type of publication so it is integrated into the Institutional Repository
    • Option 2 Build a dedicated research data repository
    • Option 3 Look for generic framework maintaining both types of data

  3. Some issues for a repository
    • Size, volume (Large data)
    • Type of access
    • Differing needs of data sharing - Scholarly publication wanting to share output of scholarly output – researcher’s collaborating requiring read/write access for publications and research.
    • Federation identity management, access control.
    • Selecting metadata schema(s) for research data.
    • Preservation – Do we have the necessary skills and tools at this stage? Any professional development programs?

  4. Main questions to resolve:
    • Do we need a separate repository?
    • Are there any generic things we can use?
    • How do we address the implications? A single repository, a shared repository with differing views, two different repositories, or even single storage layer with their own ingest /search layer?
  1. To discuss key issues, independent of software platforms, pertaining to activity in two repository domains: scholarly works and research data;
  2. To share information about local solutions; and
  3. To make recommendations for regional and national support for sustainable institutional repositories.
About the presenters:

David Bannon is the manager of the Systems group at VPAC, the Victorian Partnership of Advanced Computing, which supports a range of HPC systems for universities and industry. He is also the manager of the APAC Compute Grid project, that links together the major HPC centres in each state in Australia. David leads a nation wide team of IT professionals who are currently turning the APACgrid Compute Project into a Service orientated programme that will cater to the increasingly sophisticated needs of Australian Researchers.

Sten Christensen is currently the Digital Repository Coordinator at the University of Sydney Library managing the Sydney eScholarship Repository ( Prior to this he was the Humanities Librarian at the University of Sydney Library and a member of the Australian eHumanities Network and site developer of the Australian eHumanities Gateway ( He has worked for the University of Sydney Library for the past eleven years and at various points has managed the University of Sydney Library Web Site, been responsible for the Library electronic resources and other digital projects.

Joanna Richardson is currently Project Manager for Griffith Research Online --the institutional repository of Griffith University's published research output. She came to Griffith in 2004 as Digital Repository Administrator with responsibility for establishing a number of repositories to support research, learning and teaching. She has previously worked as an Information Technology Librarian in university libraries in both North America and Australia.

Anna Shadboldt has had a number of project management roles at the University of Melbourne. Anna’s current role is client relationship manager with responsibility across Information Management, eResearch and cultural collections at the university. Prior to joining the University of Melbourne Anna worked as an evaluator, manager and psychologist in the community and education sectors both in Australia and abroad. Her research interests include cross cultural factors that impact on community building and change management.

Belinda Weaver is the co-ordinator of UQ eSpace, the institutional digital repository of The University of Queensland. She is also the local co-ordinator of the eScholarshipUQ testbed of the four-year, DEST-funded Australian Partnership for Sustainable Repositories project. She is the author of ‘Catch the Wave: Find Good Information on the Internet’ and numerous articles and columns about Internet issues.