February 2011 eResearch newsletter

In this issue:

  • eResearch Australasia 2011
  • RDSI Lead Agent and Project Director
  • Australian Access Federation (AAF) Subscribers
  • Data Fabric Connect-In Webinar
  • eResearch at APAN and beyond
  • AAF Services Authorisation Workshop - Perth
  • Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS) Workshop
  • GeoNetwork Workshop
  • The journey home: an interplanetary guide to the solar system in 3D
  • Opportunity to Join Australian OptIPortal User Group
  • Monash University’s Data Management Coordinator Samantha Searle is Awarded the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) Achievement Award
  • Monash e-Research Centre Science Director Professor David Abramson Receives a 2010 ACM Fellowship
  • Share, Issue 07
  • About this newsletter

eResearch Australasia 2011

Please mark your diary for eResearch Australasia 2011: eXtreme eResearch, November 6-10 in Melbourne at the Sebel and Citigate Albert Park.  We hope to see you there.

Patricia McMillan
Program Director, eResearch Australasia

RDSI Lead Agent and Project Director

The $50 million Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) project, funded by the Australian Government's Education Investment Fund through the Super Science Initiative, will be led by the University of Queensland.

The RDSI Project aims to develop a national network of a limited number of data stores, or 'Nodes', where the data is allocated storage capacity through a priority and merit process and where that data can be readily accessed, analysed and re-used in a coherently governed environment.

The project will allow institutions and researchers to more effectively use, access, manage, share and preserve much larger holdings of research data.

Dr Nick Tate has been appointed the full-time RDSI Project Director. Dr Tate was formerly Associate Director of the Australian Research Collaboration Service.

Consultations with the sector will continue, particularly during the first half of 2011 as work on identifying Nodes begins.

Please direct any questions on the RDSI Project to Dr Nick Tate who is available at N.Tate@uq.edu.au or by phone +61 412 674010.

Kate Hurford
Assistant Manager, eResearch
Research Infrastructure and Science Policy Branch
Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

Australian Access Federation (AAF) Subscribers

95% of Australian universities subscribed to the Australian Access Federation in 2010 (see http://www.aaf.edu.au/subscribe/subscribers/ for the list of subscribers). Researchers can find out more about using the AAF as an enabler for collaboration at: http://www.aaf.edu.au/supporting-researchers/.

We would like to thank staff from ARCS, CAUDIT, Griffith University, Intersect, Macquarie University, Queensland University of Technology and VeRSI for their continuing support over the past year.

Glenys Kranz
AAF Change and Communication Manager

Data Fabric Connect-In Webinar

Date: Tuesday, 15 February 2011
Time: 2 - 2:45 p.m. AEST
Venue: EVO
Register: http://www.arcs.org.au/index.php/customer-service/360-connect-in-webinar
Cost: Free

What happens when researchers need to access their data when they’re away from their office? ARCS’ new Connect-In mobile data application answers this question. Researchers can just use their iPhone to conveniently connect to the ARCS Data Fabric any where, any time.

In the Connect-In webinar, participants will learn how to:

·       Set up their iPhone to use the Data Fabric

·       Copy, delete or rename files and folders

·       Email files to their phone contacts

·       Copy files from their phone to the Data Fabric and vice versa

·       Use the camera to capture images with GPS, and timestamp, crop and scale those images

For additional information about the webinar, contact customerservice@arcs.org.au.

Susan Roth
Marketing and Outreach Manager
Australian Research Collaboration Service (ARCS)

AAF Services Authorisation Workshop - Perth

A one-day AAF Services Authorisation Workshop aimed at predominantly technical staff bringing services into the Federation will be held in Perth on Wednesday 16 February 2011. The workshop focuses on how we authorise individuals and groups to access services and the tools to support policy decisions. To register your interest in attending the workshop, or for more information about the program content, contact glenys.kranz@aaf.edu.au.

Glenys Kranz
AAF Change and Communication Manager

eResearch at APAN and beyond

The 31st APAN Meeting will be held from 21st to 25th Feb 2011 in Hong Kong, highlighting tutorials, oral presentations and demonstrations covering advanced network technologies and applications. The program includes case studies of use of advanced networking in many e-Research areas such as Medical, High Definition TV, Middleware, e-Culture, Agriculture, Earth Monitoring and Earth Systems.

The meeting spawns significant opportunities to interact with researchers and practitioners from Asia Pacific and beyond. On March 3rd during the 4th Annual Endoscopy Symposium a series of live medical procedures will be broadcast by AARNet and the University of Sydney from Westmead Hospital to various key APAN medical community members throughout South East Asia. The demonstrations are indicative of the significant contributions made by Australians in medical research and typify the advanced use of networks for remote teaching and collaboration.

APAN details: http://www.apan.net/meetings/HongKong2011/

Brett Rosolen


Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS) Workshop

AuScope in collaboration with the NCRIS Engineering Architecture Taskforce (NEAT), will be presenting a workshop in Canberra on the Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS) from the 22-24th March at Geoscience Australia, Canberra, ACT.

The SISS is a complete integrated suite of open source software tools that supports spatial data interoperability using OGC/ISO standards. AuScope and NEAT, are deploying the SISS across multiple Australian Government agencies and research organisations.

The workshop will show how government, academic and industry organisations can use the NCRIS funded SISS and OGC standards based client applications to address the issues of “transparent access” to spatial data and knowledge about Australia.

Day One - Executive
Days Two and Three – Technical Workshops covering all infrastructure components of SISS and Information Modelling

A formal invitation and program will be available shortly along with RSVP information. For more information please contact Ryan Fraser ryan.fraser@csiro.au +61 8 6436 8760 or Robert Woodcock robert.woodcock@csiro.au.

Ryan Fraser
Project Leader - AuScope Grid, SISS and Australian Spatial Research Data Commons
CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering

GeoNetwork Workshop

The OSDM is planning to host a GeoNetwork workshop on the 25th March at Geoscience Australia in Canberra with the objectives of:

  • Providing training in the implementation and configuration of GeoNetwork and
  • Setting in place a dev / test environment for those in Aust. And NZ who are actively developing GeoNetwork.


More details will be circulated closer to the event.

Lesley Wyborn
Geoscience Australia

The journey home: an interplanetary guide to the solar system in 3D

This year eResearch SA will be presenting a 50-minute show at the 2011 Adelaide Fringe. 'The Journey home: an interplanetary guide to the solar system in 3D'  is an animated and interactive 3D tour of the solar system.  This show incorporates both an interactive question and answer session as well as a 20-minute film, both in 3D. The show builds on a continuing collaboration with the Museum of South Australia, which aims to highlight the educational applications of 3D visualisation technologies, during which school groups are taken on a '3D tour' of the solar system in our VisLab, by our resident astronomer and visualisation expert, Dr Padric McGee.

To find out more view the trailer http://www.youtube.com/user/eResearchSA or visit our blog http://eresearchsa.blogspot.com/

Sarah Nisbet
Executive Communications Officer, eResearch SA

Opportunity to Join Australian OptIPortal User Group

The High Resolution Tiled Display Wall Workshop was held on the 7th of December 2010 as part of the IEEE eScience 2010 Conference in Brisbane, Queensland. Participants included Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland, Griffith University, La Trobe University, University of Melbourne, Monash University, CSIRO and AARNet.

Details from the workshop including downloadable slides and tutorial information can be found at http://vizwall.wordpress.com/2010/12/14/escience2010/

A new Australian OptIPortal User Group has been formed with updates to appear on the site and correspondence via the mailing list at optiportal-1@aarnet.edu.au - subscriptions are welcome via https://lists.aarnet.edu.au/mailman/listinfo/optiportal-l

All Australian OptIPortal users are greatly encouraged to join, and significant opportunities to collaborate, demonstrate and conduct further trials will arise - we sure need each other's support !!

Brett Rosolen

Monash University’s Data Management Coordinator Samantha Searle is Awarded the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) Achievement Award

The ‘Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) Achievement Award’ is in recognition of Samantha Searle’s work in leading activity in research data management across Monash University and for her contributions to the wider Australian research data management community.

Sam is based in the Monash University Library and works with contact librarians who liaise with researchers, assisting them with data management planning and publication services. Sam also works closely with the Australian National Data Service, and regularly refers researchers to the Monash e-Research Centre for solutions in data storage and accessibility. Congratulations Sam.

For further information visit: http://www.researchdata.monash.edu/ or email Samantha.Searle@monash.edu 

Debra Truin
Manager, Outreach and Education
Monash e-Research Centre

Monash e-Research Centre Science Director Professor David Abramson Receives a 2010 ACM Fellowship

Congratulations to Professor David Abramson of Monash University for receiving a 2010 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Fellowship. Professor David Abramson joins an elite 2010 group, totalling only 41 individuals world-wide. The Fellowship was awarded for outstanding contributions to software engineering tools and techniques for high performance and distributed supercomputers. Professor Abramson described this as a great honour.

For the full list of 2010 ACM Fellows visit: http://fellows.acm.org/

Debra Truin
Manager, Outreach and Education
Monash e-Research Centre

Share, Issue 07

An electronic version (pdf) of the latest issue of Share: the newsletter of the Australian National Data Service is now available from the ANDS website at:


Issue 07 includes:

Champions of Research Data

      -Investigating sleepy lizard ecology
      -Polar Cloud Encourages Information Sharing
      -Tracking the Southern Ocean

Chair’s report
Executive Director’s report
Addressing the pending shortfall in global food production
MyMaps.gov.au website to be deployed early this year
Project Update on Australian Research Data Commons - Party Infrastructure Project
ANDS activities at the eResearch Australasia conference 8-12 November 2010
Data Sustainability: applying archival practice to research data Workshop
Forthcoming events

To be notified about our forthcoming newsletters, please use the ANDS newsletter RSS feed, or subscribe to the ANDS General Google Group


Rosemary Vo
Project Officer
Australian National Data Service (ANDS)

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