Peter Ansell: Collaborative development of cross-database Bio2RDF queries

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Peter Ansell (Queensland University of Technology)


The Bio2RDF server can be used to perform cross-database queries relating to both biological databases and other unrelated databases. The server is configured using an RDF model that enables users to extend the global configuration used by the mirror servers, or create an entirely new configuration. In order to allow users to collaborate easily, a web application has been created that enables users to create and edit the queries, providers, and namespaces that form the basis of the model. Users authenticate to the web application using OpenID, and their OpenID URL's are used to attribute different parts to their authors. Users can use their additions by configuring their local installations of the Bio2RDF server using URL's provided by the configuration web application, or by copying the relevant RDF code to their server.

About the speaker

Peter AnsellPeter Ansell is a PhD student at the Queensland University of Technology, researching the usefulness for Semantic Web resources in the sciences. He completed a Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Science double degree at Avondale College in 2005, majoring in Information Technology and Biomedical Science. He then went on to complete an honours year at QUT, specialising in Business Process Management with a focus on defining and representing contextual factors surrounding business process design. His PhD has centred around the Bio2RDF project, which attempts to represent scientific resources using RDF and provide integrated query functionality across multi-project and multi-disciplinary information sources.